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neco Update: 15.03.2024

Our innovations this month!

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Updates 15.03.2024

Whats new!


Our neco homepage and the Card Editor have a new look!
With our customisations we want to make it even easier for you to navigate through neco and use every feature.


We have replaced the familiar design with the arrows with an ergonomic arrangement of buttons. But don’t worry, the intuitive swipes still work. So you can still show your card by simply swiping from top to bottom.

Card Editor

Not only has our Card Editor been given a new design, but our corporate customers can now also manage their card designs directly in the app.
We have also provided you with a small selection of possible background images and videos so that you can get started straight away.

Neco's Card Editor


Online Calender

To keep in touch with new contacts as quickly as possible, we have added the Online Calendar field in the Card Editor. You can easily enter your link to Calendly, Outlook or any other system in this field.
Your new contacts can then make an appointment with you directly via the online card!

Neco Contacts

Export contacts

We’ve been asked about it a lot, and now it’s finally available! For our corporate customers we have added the export of neco contacts to their own mobile phone contacts.
With just a few clicks you have all neco contacts in your mobile phone contact book.
Of course we check beforehand whether you already have this contact in your mobile phone to avoid duplicates.
As you can see in the title image, the export can be found in the other contact exports!

If you need some assistance on this topic please check out our export tutorial: Export Tutorial